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2012 Northerntrack SH20 mechanical scrap shear

- Carrier range: 18-35 tons
- Own weight: 975.kg
- Closed height: 1350mm
- Jaw opening: 530mm
- Shear force: 200-300 tons
- Pins diameters: 80mm
- Made in UK

Manufacturer specs in pdf available.

ALLIED CP80 mechanical concrete pulverizer to fit 40/50T carriers

- Pin diameters: 70mm/80mm/90mm (3 different diamaters on pulverizer)
- 395mm between hears
- Own weight: 2100.kg
- Working width: 550mm
- Jaw opening: 1070mm
- Dimensions: W:1030mm x L:1400mm (without beam) x Hight:1420mm
- Manufactured in USA.


- S/N: 050714
- Hours: 120
- Capacities: 1.5M3/H
- Jaw opening: 360mm x 360mm
- Engine: Mitsubishi GM182L (6hp/4.4kw)
- Width: 0.74m x Length: 1.8m x Height: 1.5m x 760.kg
- All parts supplied by BAV crushers ltd, UK.
- Manufacturer data available in pdf
- CE plated

As new condition

Small enough for compact job sites.
Big enough for ‘real-world’ rubble processing.
Fast enough for efficient, on-site recycling.
Durability and reliability to ensure profit.

With the BAVTRAK 005, you have complete control of product sizing. Crushing output size can be adjusted to one of three grades within
seconds, without the need for any special tools, using a simple adjuster lever.
The processed grade of the material can be tailored to suit the job requirements.

Patented feed hopper safety cover system ensures crushing only begins when the cover is shut.
This protects users from debris and dust, but most importantly from
trapping and crushing within the jaws.
This combined with the unique ‘crush-and-lay’ output system, ensures to creates minimal dust on site.

2005 TOKU TNB230 hydraulic breaker

- To fit 27 to 40 T carrier
- S/N: 230-1277
- Weight: 2690.kg + Coupling = total 2950.kg
- Made in Japan
- Flow: 180 to 230 L/min
- Pressure: 140 to 180 bar
- Gas pressure: 0.8 mpa
- Impact rate: 380-450 bpm
- Impact energy: 5719 Joules
- Original chisel diameter: 146mm

Unit has been tested and inspected by Netherlands NPK dealer.
Gas and hydraulic have no leaking and piston moving fine.
Only remark:.........Chisel bushing have some wear.

NPK dealer report available in pdf.


LABOUNTY mechanical concrete crusher to fit 45 to 60T carrier

- Pin diameters: 80, 90 & 100mm
- Minimum width connection: 510mm
- Own weight: 4500.kg
- Balderson teeth
- Working width: 780mm
- Dimensions: W:1360mm x L:1900mm x Hight (jaws only):1550mm
- No crack or welds.
- Manufactured and imported from USA.

One of the biggest mechanical crusher in Europe

Geith mechanical concrete crusher to fit 30T carrier

- Pin diameter: 90mm
- Boom & stick max width: 350mm
- Own weight: 2400.kg
- Working width: 650mm
- Dimensions: W:1100mm x L:1400mm x Hight (jaws only):1000mm
- No crack or welds.

Very clean attachment.

1998 ex army unused Boughton hydraulic pin extractor

- S/N: 51957 & 51941
- Own weight equipment alone: 60.kg
- Full box weight: 95.kg
- Price new: 2560.GBP / Unit

Designed to remove 1.22m and 0.76m long ‘Harrier’ picket pins when dismantling temporary hard standing areas constructed from interlocking aluminium (PSA) panels.

Brackets to suit fork or backacter mounting on Light Wheeled Tractor (LWT) and fork mounting on Medium Wheeled Tractor (MWT).

Hydraulically operated from the tractor hydraulic power take off. Fitted with a long, detachable handle to allow final alignment of jaws and pin head from a safe distance. Fitted with manual locking device to prevent slipage in operation when
fork mounted.

1999 OKADA TS800R rotative concrete shear

- Own weight with verachtert quick coupling: 2450.kg
- Carrier weight: 20/ 28 T
- 360° mechanical rotation
- Max concrete jaw opening: 880mm
- Crushing force: approx 90 ton
- Working pressure: 280 bar
- Working flow: 250-350l/mn
- Dimensions:
Lenght: 3.02m (with coupling) / 2.34m (unit alone)
Width: 1.75m
Hight: 0.55m
- 90mm pins

2004 INDECO HP 2500 hydraulic breaker

- Operating Weight: 1500.kg (hammer+bracket+tool)
- Recommended Carrier Size: 16-28 tonnes
- S/N: 25 4 43 60
- Flow: 125-160 lt per min
- Pressure: 115-140 bar
- Back pressure: 7 bar
- Blows Per Minute: 400-870 Min-Max
- Impact energy: 3320 joules
- Tool diameter: 130mm
- Manufacturer technical data and parts book available in PDF

Self powered and propelled asphalt cutter.

- Own weight: 817.kg
- Diesel engine Lombardini
- Montabert hydraulic hammer BBH38 (38kg)
- Energy per blow: 160 J
- Percussion impact rates: 1165 blows per minute
- Proceed depth: 310mm
- Videos available of unit running and breaking.

100 % work ready.

2003 NPK H-7X

- Impact Frequency: 400 - 550 bpm
- Carrier Weight Range (tons): 10 - 15 tons
- Oil Flow: 90 - 140 lpm
- Operating Pressure: 145 bar
- Working Weight: 850 kgs.
- Tool Diameter: 106 mm
- Tool Working Length: 457 mm
- Impact Energy Class: 2,035 J

Unit has been inspected by NPK dealer in the Netherlands and remarks are:
- Piston is moving correctly but nitrogen gas is leaking.
Would need new seals kit.
- Hydraulics have no leaks
- Hammer head chisel support would need reweld and grinding
- inspection report available in PDF

1996 Atlas Copco HBC 1700S hydraulic breaker

- Operating Weight: approx 1000.kg (hammer+bracket)
- Recommended Carrier Size: 15-22 tons
- Type: HBC 1700S
- Serial: KAL100030
- Flow: 55-120 lt per min
- Pressure: 100-140 bar
- Back pressure: 7 bar
- Blows Per Minute: 240-540 Min-Max
- Impact energy: 1700 joules
- Tool diameter: 105mm
- Manufacturer technical data, parts book and maintenance manual (dismantling and repairing with all details) available in PDF

Inspected by NPK dealer, remarks are:
- No chisel
- Little damages on chisel bushing
- Minor leaks once under hydraulic pressure.
- Engineer had no connection to fill with nitrogen gas and test the piston.
- NPK dealer inspection available in pdf

Unit would need attention, eventually new seals and an overall to be fully operational.

Unused Valakaz petrol hand breaker

- Type: YNB27F
- 2 x units available.