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Caterpillar 834B, 836C, 988B, 988F front axle

Caterpillar 7155 Transmissions ex US army rebuilt

Unused CASE CX470 main valves block KAYABA C0170-61932

- CNH ref: KTJ 11661

Caterpillar 994 transmission 9U8883, Remanufactured 0R4017

Clark Hurth transmission model 13.7HR28470-1, Serial RUSA83737

Caterpillar 988B, 988F, 834B, 836C final drives with brakes (5 units)

Caterpillar 6J5824 newest model ejector hydraulic cylinders to fit scrapers 631, 637 (2 units)

Caterpillar 826C final drive with brakes

Caterpillar 3P3057 transmission to fit 988B, arrangement 3P9094.

- Good used take out.
- Inspection video available.

Caterpillar 980B transmission

- Case 9S8790
- Good used take out.
- Inspection video available.

Caterpillar D250E transmission

- Good used take out.
- Inspection video available.

Caterpillar 3P5673 transmission to fit 631D

Ex good used but would need clean up due to corrosion and dirt.
Broken sump/cover due to an incident during shipping and handling in container.

Caterpillar converter to fit 966F & 816B

- Housing number: 9P9516
- Good used.
- Inspection video available.

Caterpillar 631D converter

Ex good used but would need clean up due to corrosion and dirt.

Fiat-Allis HD31 & FD40 converter

- Type: 8-C-1752-1
- Serial: 275398
- Good used take out.

Unused padfoot compactor drums to mount on CAT 815 rims (or 816 conversion).

- 2 x pairs.
- Inside diameter 1000mm.
- Need to be welded in replacement of worn out rims drums.

CAT 1T608 transmission to fit motor grader 16 (older model)

CAT 2S2499 Injector pump to fit CAT D342 - D8H - 46A

CAT 3V1371 case housing to fit 225B

CAT 5S1070 transmission to fit 826B-825B-824B

CATERPILLAR 988A transmission

Unused CATERPILLAR D9N final drive gear 9P-3320

2 x Unused CATERPILLAR hydraulic filter housing 188-4150

TO Fit:
345B II; 365B; 365B II; 365C; 365C L; 374D L; 385B; 385C; 385C FS;

385C L; 385C L MH; 385C; 5090B;

Unused CASE CX490D cylinder head ISUZU VE-6UZ1X

- CNH ref: 47921154

Caterpillar 9J5546 tilt cylinder to fit 980C, 980F

Unused CASE 1288 valves block REXROTH R900 769895 FD

- CNH ref: A5016553
- 3 units.

Unused CAT 328DL CR cabins

2 x units available

CASE 788P front + rear axles

Unused CASE 340B front final drive

Ref 89500423516

Mack maxitorque transmissions to fit DM800 & DM600 trucks.

- Good used take out.
- 4 units.
- Inspection video available.

Unused CASE 340B propshaft

Ref 895949778521

Unused CASE 885B, wheel hub

Ref 87647441

CAT 9J7175 main hyd valve group to fit 235

CAT 9J9300 main hyd valve group 225B x 2 UNITS

CAT 9T5187 main pump housing to fit 225D without barell and pistons

Caterpillar 9D2315 differentials to fit 776's and 777's rigid trucks

- Gear 8X9088
- 2 x units

Some superficial corrosion due to outside storage in an African mine but gears are all fine.
Dust and sand in the bearings, so they would need attention (possibly cleaning or new ones).

Caterpillar 9D6130 differential to fit 773B, D, E

Some superficial corrosion due to outside storage in an African mine but gears are all fine.
Dust and sand in the bearings, so they would need attention (possibly cleaning or new ones).

CAT- Kawasaki NV111-120L main pump to fit E312B

CAT parts smaller items:

- 4 x hydraulic cylinders
- 2 x Unused 345B&C's bucket side cutter bits 2568690 & 2568691 (Right and left)
- 1 x 7B8337 fuel filter housing to fit D8H
- 1 x CAT hammer chisel ref: JB-18; KL135; made in Japan
- 3 x Oil cooling radiators
- 2 x D8N body panels.
- 3 x gear propshaft coupling elements
- 1 x CAT 2P5149 engine 3406 crankshaft damper assy
- 1 x CAT 2S8875 filter housing to fit D8K
- 1 x exhaust pipe engine CAT 3208 (225B)
- 1 x CAT 6N5967 elbow element to fit D8K

Fuchs 714 front and rear axles

Good used low hours take out ex Germany.

Inspection videos available.

Caterpillar 225B final drives (R+L)

Ex good running excavator (tested before dismantling).

Note: Long storage and a bit of corrosion seized one or two seal or bearing.

Genuine CAT 924F hydraulic quick coupler

100% Complete set include:
- hydroelectric powerpack
- Electric shift lever
- Hoses & electric wires
- Bolts & body parts

Very clean low hours unit.

Bonfiglioli trasmital planetary industrial gearbox

- Type: 317 M3-58-H2-V078
- Serial:D-980280
- Own weight: 1025.kg
- YOM: 1998
- Entry speed 1500/min
- Entry power 150 KW
- Exit speed 25.8 /min
- Exit power Nm nominal 111900
- Exit power admissible Newton 251200

Manufacturer data in pdf and inspection's videos available.

Vogele paver extension VB 1.5m 8VB102, serial 2158235

Durkopp Sewing Machines

Model 556-1101/E21 and B4.5A02A

Eaton-Fuller 18 speed gearbox Roadranger RTLO 16918B

Unused CASE 1221E cylinder piston rod

Ref 31Y2-10330CY

Unused CASE CX470B housing

Ref KTC0170

Komatsu PC350 Hydraulic Pump

Inspection video available

Unused CASE cylinders to fit LM1745 & LM1060

Ref 85821465, 87694837

1989 Liebherr R912 body parts

- 5 x body panels
- 1 x Radiator
- 1 x fuel tank

All items good used and ready to mount.

Finlay 683 parts

165.kg of Unused Iveco 1908365 piston rings

DUNLOP 18.00-24 complete wheels

- Ex UK army
- 10 bolts rims
- Approx 50% condition
- 24 ply rating
- Fit compactors and special earthmoving vehicles.

3 boxes of brand new Hitachi rollers

Komatsu 6D 125 intakes + exhausts manifold

- 2 x Exhausts
- 4 x Intakes

Komatsu D65E-8 blade hydraulic cylinders

- 3 x 100% complete units
- 2 x Ram missing units
- 2 x Cylinder holder
- Several small items

Komatsu D65E-8 diesel tanks

- 2 x units

Late model Komatsu PW160 + PW170 catwalk

4 x VELJAN hydraulic pump.

- Model & Ref: VT6CCZ - B17-B14-WR03A111

Komatsu WA500-1 radiators

- 2 x units available.

Worthington water pump

- Pipe diameter: 100mm
- Capacity: Approx 100 M3/H
- To be powered by diesel or electrical engines of approx 10 to 15kw

Need clean up and attentions before being fully operational.

Metso crusher Hetronic radio, remote boxes and parts

Unit 1):
- Channel: AX 023506 A15
- Type: GA610
- Ident n°: 010055115

Unit 2):
- Channel: N41

500mm digging bucket to fit 20T excavator

- 80mm pins

Unused CAT parts small items

- CAT 10R1499
- CAT 6N689
- CAT 7G2384
- CAT 7G2953
- CAT 3T1502
- CAT 9G1804
- CAT 9G1918 (2)
- 6P5000
- 3T4392
- 5T6619 (2)
- 3T1030
- 131-4089
- 7G5577 (4)
- 121-5459
- 9K2805
- 7G2384
- 9G8615
- 3T4392
- 6G3646
- 7G4873 (2)
- 9G9692
- 9G9698 (3)
- 9D5994
- 9D5306
- 125-5128
- 1P7936
- 9D0634
- 1V8439 (2)
- 1V8954 (2)
- 1V8242
- 1V9148
- 268-8792
- 234-3749 (2)
- 7Y1867 (2)
- 6Y0210
- 7J4981

CATERPILLAR 950A mechanical quick coupler

CATERPILLAR 924G explosive area special exhaust system

Allison MT 653 for parts

Turning, clean oil, no burning smell but need overhaul.

Unused Atlas Copco DD6FM1 air compressor motor

Bridgestone 33.25R25 cassing

ZF transmission 2HL-100

- Stuck: 4145 000 022
- Inspection video available

2007 VEAB heat tech AB 110V/50hz electric heaters

- 2 x 2000W
- 1 x 3000W

Climax electric transformer

- PRIMARY: 415 V / 189 AMPS
- SECONDARY: 415 V / 181 AMPS

Thermobile AT 303-1 oil burner

Specs: http://www.thermobile.co.uk/attachments/pdfs/individual/at-series.pdf

Industrial workshop angle cutter

910mm diameter Railroad Wheels to fit mobile excavators, loaders, tractors, dumpers.

- 4 x Units
- 10 bolts

Many dimensions available.

Caterpillar 518 skidder winch

- Power control
- Arrangement: 9G1057
- Serial: 6KC00452

Exceptional condition for year.

1991 LINDE H45 cabin

LIEBHERR 566 bonnet

Minor handling damage.

Unused Caterpillar 10R1499

Caterpillar 1W1766

Caterpillar 4N4782

Caterpillar 4V1704 brake anchor

Caterpillar 980C,F,FII steering cyl, rod, head and piston assy

2014 unused Jones 40TE 40 Ton 3 Sheave Hook Block

- Wire rope: 16mm

40 ton Ropeblock single sheave hook block

- 27/30mm wire rope
- Own weight: 481.kg
- Low hour as pictures and video can show.

Unused 85 ton anchor shackle

Railroad 300mm wheels

Caterpillar 777 plates + bearings + small parts

- 1 x Bearing 132-6597
- 1 x Bearing 3L-1824
- 2 x 1P3935
- 2 x 8D1817
- 1 x 4H0019
- 2 x Bearing Timken M734410

Caterpillar 6E2046 hydraulic pump

Test video available.

Caterpillar 114-9299 brake pads, 4 items

Caterpillar gears (2x7D3377 + 2x7D349 + 1x7D3454)

Caterpillar Differential 8K0056 to fit 824B, 825B, 826B, 988

Inspection videos available.

Caterpillar turbo ex D348 engine of a 777A dumper

Caterpillar 9X9971 and 9X9972 Electronic Control Units

Caterpillar 789 torque converter lockup clutch valves

Includes parts:

Caterpillar water pump ex D348 engine of a 777A dumper

Caterpillar 6T4257 PUMP GROUP-GEAR


Caterpillar 777 differential gears

- 18 x 4D7537
- 9 x 8W9149
- 1 x 6G7167
- 3 x 5T9437

All items near new condition

Clark transmission 13.1HR28352

- Serial: N BEA 092097
- YOM: 09.1981

Inspection video available

Caterpillar D6D small items

- 5M6690 (x2)
- 3P6318 (x2)
- 9P9360
- 9P9362 (x2 average condition)
- 9P9363
- 2P4627 (fly wheel)

Caterpillar hydraulic cylinders (x2)

Model unknown

Caterpillar D11T blade tilt cylinder

Important notice:
Very low hours unit but cylinder have a crack.
Cylinder is still full of oil, piston move smoothly...holding the pressure perfectly when hydraulics are closed.
For parts or need repairs.

CATERPILLAR 725 & 730 Tailgate

CATERPILLAR 735 & 740 Tailgate

CAT 725 Tailgate Arms

Caterpillar D6D steering clutch group assy - 2Y6934

2 x units

Bucyrus-Erie 65C gearbox

- Type: Fuller 5-H-740-T
- Serial: 3667164
- Inspection video available

Bucyrus-Erie 65C hydraulic main pumps

- Type: 104R 64-045-516
- Serial: R42-1477

Hyster D6E winch

- Direct drive
- Fits CAT D6C/D/E
CAT 977

Gears inspection videos, pdf service manual (116 pages) and pdf file with CAT tractors serials it fits...Available.

Exceptional condition for year, as videos can tell.

Truck dismantable maintenance & service box

HITACHI EH700 - EUCLID R40 rops cabin