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Attachments & Spare parts

Voith transmission 442 / 1-4219

- Serial 9514

Inspection video available.

2007 Manitou 160ATJ front axle

Komatsu HM400 rims

- YOM: 2013
- 7 units

Ausa D150AHG parts

Ausa D150AHG rear axle

Ausa D150AHG transmission (transfer case) with pump Bosch-Rexroth A10FM 45

Volvo A25 tailgates, choice of body width 2.5m, 2.75m & 3m

Case - Parker hydraulic accumulator part 365757A1

Caterpillar slew ring RKS 062 20 0844 500

Hydromatik A4VG125DA1D4

- Type: 32R-NZF02F021S
- Serial: 4585943

JCB 3cx rear axle

- Ratio 15.785:1
- Serial: 450/4483/04/00060

Low hours component

O&K valves block type 745 755, serial 8237

Caterpillar 9D6130 differential to fit 773's & 775's

- Gear ring 277-7213
- Ex army reserve.
- Never mounted.

Unused undercarriage rollers

Including EX750 carrier rollers

Volvo L30 front + rear axles

- ZF type AV-230
- Parts list no: 4472039056
- Ratio: 15.31

Zollern ZHP 3.15 slewing gearbox

- S/N: 0332.1000 20

CAT Transmission 8 EX 00980

Clean oil , wear in comands

CAT 785 B & C differential

Include parts below:
- 3W405
- 3D9559
- 6Q7167
- 5D7844

Inspection video available

Getrab 304.0.1000.02 transfer box

CAT rims 20.5R25 - 4 units

- 19 bolts

Caterpillar 29.5R25 rims

CAT 8V3549 (x2)
CAT 8V3548 (x1)

Unused Caterpillar shafts to fit D11N & D11R final drive

- 150-1304 (4)
- 150-1302 (2)
- 105-3459 (5)
- 150-1301 (1)

CAT 8J9912 cylinder group steering to fit 776; 776B; 776C; 776D; 777

Caterpillar 1362429 idlers to fit 365 +345

- 2 units
- Never mounted, ex army reserve

Unused CAT 3P1699 to fit 776-777 transmissions

Unused CAT 9G9574 transmission shaft

KOMATSU WA450-2 final drives

Inspection videos available.

Rexroth-Hydromatik A4VG90 EP1D1 hydraulic pump

Good used ex screw pump system.

Unused Mac Closkey conveyor belt

- Width: 900mm

Caterpillar 9S8790 transmission to suit 980B

Terex-Pegson 1000RS cone crusher circle hydraulic cylinders

Hitachi control valves 4422403 to fit EX3600-5 & EX3600-6

Unused complete transmission MT20110011 to fit New Holland Boomer 20 compact tractor

HANOMAG transmission G422

Singer pressure relief valve (water system)

- Model: A106-DWX-ARV-RPS
- Size: 8" (200mm)
- Max inlet: 250mm
- S/N: 1000-173-1

The valve and pilot remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the pilot setting. The valve opens rapidly to relieve damaging overpressure and closes smoothly at an adjustable speed, when the pressure returns below the set-point. The upstream pressure is limited to the pilot set-point.

- Limits system pressure by relieving excess flow
- Quick opening relief
- Easily adjustable pressure setting

Manufactured in Canada

Caterpillar 769C, 769D, 771C hydraulic tank

Caterpillar 6G5460 pinion 19 teeth

Caterpillar 2G5663 hub brake

Unused NSK bearing 11.00.0148

Caterpillar 8X9119 hub brake

Bauer hydraulic drilling slewing gear

Unused HENDRIX dragline bucket

- Approx 1300 liters

Caterpillar 9M3860 gear ring

Caterpillar 2G5592 support housing

Caterpillar 769C, 769D, 771C axle and brake parts

Caterpillar 330 heavy duty GP bucket/teeth & Rear ripper attachment

- Width: 1120mm
- Pins: 90mm
- Rear ripper attachment
- Manufactured in Canada

18 x Unused SANDVIK V belt crusher pulleys

- 9 x 500/8
- 6 x 500/9
- 3 x 450/6

2008 EC210 Volvo main valves block

- Valves block marked 145-13140
Visual checking shows no damages or crack.
- Control valves all opened and pictured.
Appear to be in good clean condition.

In as is not tested condition.

1978 marine, dredging or industrial HYDROMATIK hydraulic pump A2V 915 HDGR

- Part of Bosch Rexroth Mannesmann group
- Axial piston unit
- Type:A2V 915 HDGR 1G00PKP0040
- Nr: 221 50 00 02
- Fabr nr: 750964
- Max power: 933 KW
- Max pressure: rated 350 up to 400 bar max.
- Max flow: 1600 L/Min
- Max rpm: 1600
- Manufacturer data available in PDF
- Video of main turning axle available
- Sump oil is clean

Pump seems to be in good working order, carefully stored by a main Belgium dredging company.

Hydraulic pump drives

- Trasmital Bonfiglioli
Type:MOA....; Serial:05011504; SAE1; Rapp:143/1

- Lohmann Stolterfoht
Type:1VT-163/2; Serial:2320; Power max:118.kw

- Technodrive
Type:AM345; Serial:3401235; SAE:1; Rapp:1.3:1

2007 Dromone 100mm hydraulic quick coupler to fit 35-40T excavator

Made in Ireland

2010 QSA 100mm hydraulic quick coupler to fit 35-40T excavator

Made in UK

2005 Hydraulic quick coupler to fit Hitachi ZX280

- 90mm pins

Electric concrete screw pump

- 2.2KW / 380V
- Total lenght: 3.5m
- Pipe diameter: 160mm

Suitable for industry or working sites.
Will transport concrete between two different levels.

5 x unused agricultural mini tractor axles

Width: 107mm

Volvo L30 arm

Unused Rexroth final drive GFT 160 T3 + Motor A2FE160

* Final drive:
- Typ: GFT 160 T3
- Ratio: 210.80
- S/N: 72802003812

* Hyd motor:
- Typ: A2FE160 / 61W-VZL100
- S/N: 24117311

Hydraulic cylinder to fit excavator

- Make and model unknown.

Rotex gearbox 80 series

Very low hour unit.

Renold SH3500-LLH3500 sprag clutch holdbacks

- Model: LLH 3500
- Part no: 649609
- S/N: W7785
- Clutch diameter: 350mm
- Full manufacturer technical data available

Renold Sprag clutch Holdbacks with Central Torque arms are self contained units ready for
mounting on the headshafts, or other suitable driving shafts, of inclined conveyors or elevators
to prevent runback.
Suit aggregates, mining and material handling industries.


Price new :.............80500.EUR

Renold industrial gearbox - 50hp - 1750rpm - Ratio 71.6-1

- As new condition
- Test videos available

Darling Brothers Canada water pumps

- Approx 300m3/h

Komatsu D41P-3 or D41E-3 blade

Width: 2.95m

100% complete with pins, hydraulic cylinders, etc...

Case 580G rear axle with gearbox.

Good used ex Germany

Atlas 1304 slew ring

ZF YTO Kintra KC160 front axle to fit tractor

- Model: 201203-01
- Manufactured by ZF China

Dragline 5 tyne orange peel grapple

50 to 60 ton excavator 100 mm quick coupler

- Approx 2200.kg
- Made in UK



CATERPILLAR 141-0381 transmission controller loader 990

32 x Unused Everpads 450mm rubber pads

- Dimensions: L450mm x W130mm x H60mm
- Part number 601080

Doosan DX300 cabin operative protective guard

Komatsu PC290-8 cabin operator protective guard

Caterpillar cabin operator protective guard to fit:

307C/D + 308D/D + 311C/D + 312C/D + 313C/D + 314C/D + 315C/D + 318C + 319D + 320C/D
321C/D + 322C + 323D + 324D + 325C/D + 328D + 329D + 330C/D + 336D + 345C/D + 365C + 385C


Cabin Demolition Guard

Dowty 3 Hydraulic Pump.

Test video available.

ZF Ecolite S5-42 Gearbox

Part Nr 1307050136

Inspection video available.

Manitou transmission

- Type COM-T4-2024
- Ref Manitou 226228
- Serial 16025 D02 11099

Linde PV50 hydraulic pump

- Serial 4352700880E

Inspection video available.

Linde PV105 hydraulic pump

- Serial 4374711692

Mercedes Benz gearbox G32 to fit trucks 1013, 1113, 1213, 1313, etc

Renault - Dodge 100 commando 5 speed gearbox

Sauer SPV18 Hydraulic Pump

Inspection video available.

4 stage dump tilt telescopic hydraulic cylinder

- Total cylinders extended height: 1710.mm
- Cylinder height when closed: 560.mm
- Cylinder external diameter: 140.mm

Might need new seals

Unused 136-2926 GEAR-PLANET

LINDE BMR105 hydraulic motor

Good used take out.

Inspection video available.

Atlas 1404 gearbox - Schafer SVG 72700

- Year: 1994

Good used take out.
Atlas 1404 hydraulic pump Linde BMR105 to fit gearbox available

Landscape hydraulic ditch cleaning rotative attachment.

- 450mm working diameter

Caterpillar D8K, 4BBL ripper upper cylinders

Caterpillar 963B travel motors 6E3516

Good used take out ex 9BL2909 loader.

Caterpillar 963B right side final drive

- No shaft.
- Inspection video available.

Good used take out ex 9BL2909 loader.

Caterpillar 145-9897 hydraulic cylinder to fit 990

Very low hours but need overhaul as water was found in the piston/cylinder...Leading to internal corrosion.

CAT 320L final drive parts

7Y1438 and main external gear housing

Good used, inspection video available.

Hydraulic offset attachment to fit ATLAS excavators with adjustable boom

Allison Transmission TT 2221-1 core

For parts or repair.